This is me with my husband, Michael and beautiful (and crazy!) sons, Jeremiah and Judah.


I’ve always felt a little torn between two worlds– I love math and science and even have my degree in chemical engineering. However, I’m equally drawn to the visual arts and have extensively studied different mediums from drawing and painting to sculpture. Photography gives me a chance to bring these worlds together– in order to do it well, one needs an understanding of both the technical and the creative aspects. I love the challenge of mastering the technical parts of photography, while also exploring how I can creatively express myself.

Here are some other things I love:

  1. Office supplies!
  2. My beloved D700
  3. My wood stove (and Pooh bear!)
  4. Fresh flowers
  5. Sewing/Crafting/Creating

I love old houses, tin roofs, vintage linens, glass jars, and rusty lanterns. I love searching for unique items– thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets and antique stores are some of my favorite places to spend time. I enjoy making things with found objects and incorporating them into my home.

I love my boys {in all their craziness!} and my husband {in all his awesomeness!} I love my crazy-beautiful-hard-wonderful-amazing life and am so thankful for all it entails.